28th July 2022  

Dear Colleagues,



Joint Annual Scientific Meeting 2022

(Hybrid Meeting)


The Hong Kong Paediatric Society (HKPS),

Hong Kong College of Paediatricians (HKCPaed),

Hong Kong Paediatric Nurses Association (HKPNA), &

Hong Kong College of Paediatric Nursing (HKCPN)


1st Announcement


The Hong Kong Paediatric Society, Hong Kong College of Paediatricians, Hong Kong Paediatric Nurses Association and Hong Kong College of Paediatric Nursing will be hosting a Joint Annual Scientific Meeting (JASM) on 26th November 2022. More than 2 years into the pandemic, we are facing unprecedented childhood and healthcare challenges. This year, our JASM will have a theme of “Safeguarding Children in the New Era”. It will be consisting of a keynote lecture and free paper presentation sessions.


The Joint Annual Scientific Meeting is a unique platform providing the opportunity for various disciplines to share the insights in child health related issues and scientific updates. Your participation would be of utmost importance. Members, doctors, nurses, allied health professionals and other child healthcare workers are cordially invited to submit papers to make this meeting successful. Research papers including those for basic science, clinical studies, patient care, service improvement as well as community projects are all welcome.


Please send the abstract to our congress secretariat, via email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . The deadline for abstract submission is 31st August 2022.


Thank you very much for your support.



Yours sincerely,


   Organising Committee      

   Joint HKPS, HKCPaed, HKPNA and HKCPN Annual Scientific Meeting 2022

  Encl. [ Abstract form ]

Dear all 

The Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (RCPCH) is going to organize an online workshop of the MRCPCH/DCH Foundation of Practice (FOP) examination dedicated to its overseas candidates. Please check the below details and links to enroll for the workshop.

MRCPCH/DCH FOP exam preparation for overseas candidates - online workshop

Date: 20 September 2022 (Tuesday)
Time: 8:30 am - 11:30 am (London Time) // 3:30 pm - 6:30 pm (Hong Kong Time)
Format: Online through Zoom
Fee: £50 (pay to RCPCH directly)
Enrollment: Please click here to check more details and finish the enrollment

Note that spaces are limited, and a workshop fee of £50 will be charged by RCPCH. Payment will be done on RCPCH’s online system. Hong Kong College of Paediatricians will NOT be collecting any fees on behalf of RCPCH for this online workshop.

Thank you for your attention. 

College Secretariat
Hong Kong College of Paediatricians


To:       All PIAID Subspecialty Trainees of the Hong Kong College of Paediatricians


The PIAID Subspecialty is now calling for Application for Exit Assessment, which will be held on
8th October 2022 (Saturday).

PIAID Subspecialty Trainees who are eligible and would like to sit for the Exit Assessment please submit the application form and the required documents to the Secretariat, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
by 15th August 2022 (Monday).

Application forms:


Best regards,

Dr Joshua Wong

Honorary Secretary, PIAID Subspecialty Board

cc Dr Mike Kwan

Chairperson, PIAID Subspecialty Board


Dear Associates

MRCPCH Applied Knowledge in Practice (previously Part II) Examination, 21 Sep 2022 (Wednesday)

Please be informed that the next MRCPCH Applied Knowledge in Practice (AKP) Exam will be held in HK on 21st Sep 2022.  Candidates wishing to sit the above exam in HK please apply both online using the RCPCH website (https://www.rcpch.ac.uk/user) AND submit paper applications to our College.  

Please study carefully the details of application as outlined in the attached circular.

Application period

4 July 2022 (Mon) – 18 July 2022 (Mon) 

Examination Fee


Payment should be made payable to Hong Kong College of Paediatricians.

Attached please find an Application Form C for your use. 

Options for sitting this exam

    1. At a test centre in person; OR
    2. At your own home or workplace with online invigilation (pls refer to online invigilation quick guide attached)

Note: If there is not enough enrollment of test centre option, RCPCH reserves the right to cancel test centre option and transfer candidates to online invigilation option.


1. All theory exams have been moved to computer-based testing since January 2015. Please refer to the RCPCH website for more CBT information: https://www.rcpch.ac.uk/resources/theory-exams-mrcpch-dch-how-apply

2. Sample examination questions are available on the RCPCH website for candidates viewing.  Candidates sitting for CBT exams are strongly advised to study these sample questions at this link (https://www.rcpch.ac.uk/resources/theory-exam-sample-papers).

3. Candidates can sit the MRCPCH theory exams in any order, and are allowed to take the Applied Knowledge in Practice Exam as their first MRCPCH theory exam.

4. Those candidates who have never taken an exam with the RCPCH and/or do not have an RCPCH number are advised to first register for an exam account with the RCPCH any time before the application period (preferably 10 working days before the application period opens).  You do not need to wait until a specific examination opens to apply for an RCPCH online account.  You are not able to apply for any exams online until your registration for an exam account is accepted.

5. For details of online application procedures, please refer to the Guidance Notes for HK candidates attached.

Thank you for your kind attention.

College Secretariat

Hong Kong College of Paediatricians


Dear Associate and Members, 

Please be informed that the next batch of examinations will be held on the days stated below. 

Kindly note that these dates may be subject to change. Please visit the College website to check for the latest examination announcement nearer the time.








opening date

closing date


MRCPCH Foundation of Practice, Theory and Science (formerly Part IA and IB)

15 February 2023 (Wed)
[Test centre + online invigilation]

7 Dec 2022 

19 Dec 2022



21 June 2023 (Wed) 
[Online invigilation only]

5 April 2023

17 April 2023  Announcement


18 October 2023 (Wed) 
[Online invigilation only]




MRCPCH Applied Knowledge in Practice (formerly Part II Written)

18 Jan 2023 (Wed) 
[Online invigilation only]

7 Nov 2022

21 Nov 2022



17 May 2023 (Wed) 
[Online invigilation only]

6 Mar 2023

20 Mar 2023



20 Sept 2023 (Wed)
[Test centre]

5 July 2023

17 July 2023


MRCPCH Clinical

21-22 Feb 2023 (Tue-Wed)

15 Nov 2022

5 Dec 2022



11-12 Oct 2023 (Wed-Thu)

12 July 2023

26 July 2023


DCH Clinical




Exit Assessment

15 June 2023 (Thu)

24 March 2023

25 April 2023



18 Dec 2023 (Mon)

late Aug/early Sep 2023

late Sep/early Oct 2023



Examination Committee


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