Appointment of PN Provisional Subspecialty Board

To All Fellows of Hong Kong College of Paediatricians

We are pleased to provide a brief update on the progress of accreditation of the Subspecialty of Paediatric Neurology within Hong Kong College of Paediatricians.

Our College has received the application for accreditation of the Paediatric Neurology Subspecialty in January 2011 and after several rounds of consultation and discussion, the proposed training programme has been revised and finalised. Subsequently the College has called for application from all Fellows who are interested to be First Fellows in the Subspecialty in March 2013 and received an enthusiastic response. The next step will be the formation of the Provisional Subspecialty Board which will then coordinate with College-appointed External Assessor to examine and accredit the training programme, training centers and First Fellows. College Council has resolved to invite Professor Robert Ouvrier from the University of Australia to be our External Assessor.

In conjunction with the PN Group, the Working Group has recommended the membership of the Provisional Subspecialty Board as follows:

  • Professor Virginia Wong (Neurologist, University of Hong Kong)
  • Dr Chan Kwok Yin (Neurologist, representing private sector)
  • Dr Wu Shun Ping (Neurologist, Asso. Consultant in Queen Elizabeth Hospital, representing HA)
  • Dr Fung Lai Wah Eva (Neurologist, Asso. Consultant in Prince of Wales Hospital, representing CUHK)
  • Dr Fung Cheuk Wing (Neurologist, Asso. Consultant in Queen Mary Hospital, representing HA)
  • Dr Jonas HM Yeung (Neurologist, Consultant, Dept of Medicine, AHNH, representing Hong Kong College of Physicians)
  • Dr Li Chi Kong (Non-neurologist, representing Council of HKCPaed)

This is subject to College Council's endorsement. If you have any questions or comments on the Provisional Subspecialty Board, please send to the College secretariat before 25 April 2013, so that we can confirm and proceed to the preparation of Training Centre accreditation which is scheduled in early July 2013. 


Dr SN Wong
Honorary Secretary

For Dr CW Chan
Chairman, Working Group on Accreditation of Paediatric Subspecialties in Hong Kong

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