Scientific & Research Subcommittee

Terms of ReferenceGodfrey Chan

  1. To promote and support science and research through organizing scientific meetings, collaborative research network and other activities
  2. To promote scientific collaboration among subspecialties so as to ensure broad and holistic approach in paediatric and child health research.
  3. To enhance research training for paediatricians and child health care workers to create and translate knowledge for benefits of children
  4. To educate and empower patients and their families to understand the scientific basis of their sufferings

Chairman: Prof. CHAN Chi Fung Godfrey

Subcommittee members


Announcements from the subcommittee

24th July 2013 - Research Methodology and Grant Writing Skills Training Workshop 2013
11th July 2014 - Annual Scientific Meeting 2014
17th December 2014 - Research and Grant Writing Skills Training Workshop 2015
                                     Application Form 2015
 15th June 2015 - Best Young Investigator Prize 2015 Announcement
                            Best Young Investigator Prize 2015 Application Form



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