Message from College President


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      I am most honoured and indeed humbled to serve as the President of the College. I am very glad to let you know that the new Council held the first Council Meeting two weeks ago and has energetically geared up for a few projects. It was probably also a record-setting meeting – it ended at 12 midnight. I understand there is much room for me to improve.

An IT Subcommittee, co-chaired by Drs CHENG Chun Fai and KO Po Wan, is taking form and will not only work on enhancing the College website to improve its user-friendliness and communicative values, but specifically develop an e-portfolio system to efficiently capture the training tracks, results of examinations and assessments of trainees, personal and professional particulars of Members and Fellows and hopefully interface smoothly with the iCME/CPD system of the HK Academy of Medicine, and, extend to other functionalities.

Prof LEUNG Ting Fan, Vice President and Chairman of the College Education Committee, will take the helm of the Training and Assessment Working Group to continue with the development of a new formative assessment system complementary to the existing summative assessments at the Intermediate Examination and the Exit Assessment. The new system will be able to support trainees in acquiring competencies in multiple domains that they will become fine paediatricians for today and for the future.

Under the Training and Assessment Working Group is the Curriculum Review Working Group that I am chairing. To provide the best training to cater for the changing health needs of our young generation, the College Training Guideline needs substantial revamp in many areas. The WG hopes to recruit Fellows in all fields including general paediatrics, community child health, paediatric subspecialties, medical education, and a couple of trainees to participate in this monumental task.

There will be a new scoring system and some changes in the examination formats starting in the October 2019 diet of the MRCPCH examination. Dr Bill CHAN, Chairman of the Examination Committee, has invited Prof Win TIN, Principal Regional Examiner (PRE) of the RCPCH, to conduct a training session for local examiners and a briefing session for trainees and trainers during the MRCPCH examination week in late February.

Dr CHAN Chok Wan, Director of Subspecialty Accreditation, is busily organizing forums to solicit views and suggestions from various stakeholders and COSs about subspecialty accreditation. These will surely shed light on our College’s planning of the next moves in subspecialty developments.

At this time when the medical system is fiercely challenged by ever-increasing service demands, and when the winter influenza season hurls the last straw on the camel’s back, understaffing is only one of the culprits. Our College is not taking lightly the request from the Food and Health Bureau through the HK Academy of Medicine to participate in a Specialist Manpower Projection Study. We are in the process of collating projection data from colleagues of all paediatric fields and Dr LEE Kwok Piu is representing our College to help the School of Public Health, HKU, to conduct the study.

To foster a strong sense of ownership of the College among members and for our College to continue to thrive, a wide representation and genuine engagement of all paediatrics/ child health sectors is critical. One remarkable resolution at the Council Meeting is that College Standing Committees/ Subcommittees/ Working Groups will expand the membership. The College absolutely relies on your participation. We hope Fellows who are interested in and ready to contribute to College work will respond to the call for open (self-)nomination by Dr FONG Nai Chung, our Honorary Secretary, and apply accordingly. If you are not certain whether your inclination matches with the work of a particular committee or alike, please feel free to talk to the respective chairperson. You may have surprise New Year self-discoveries!

Yes, it’s the New Year of the Pig. A pig represents luck, overall good fortune, wealth, honesty and general prosperity. It also symbolizes a hard-working, peace-loving, compassionate, truthful and generous person, like us all paediatricians. In this joyous festive season, I wish the New Year brings you and yours lots of good fortune, happiness, good health always and limitless prosperity!


Dr. TSE Wing Yee, Winnie


8 February 2019




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