Message from College President


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      I am very pleased to let you know the College Council at the March Meeting welcomed three new co-opted Council Members. Dr YUNG Tak Cheung, COS of Department of Paediatric Cardiology at Queen Mary Hospital and Dr LEE Kwok Piu, Consultant, Department of Paediatrics and Adolescent Medicine at Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital were appointed to fill the two casual vacancies consequent upon Prof LEUNG Ting Fan and Dr FONG Nai Chung having been elected as Office Bearers. Dr Florence LEE, Consultant i/c of Child Assessment Service, Department of Health, was also co-opted. The Council now has the full complement of elected and co-opted members that together will serve our College with the utmost effort.


The Council genuinely appreciates that a transparent and engaging College is crucial to accomplishing her vision to advance the science and art of Paediatrics, to safeguard the quality of training and services, and to promote academic linkages with child health-related disciplines. Collective wisdom of College members is always treasured. Encouragingly, more than forty Fellows have responded to a recent invitation of self-nomination to join College Standing Committees/ Subcommittees/ Working Groups, many indicating interest to join two or more groups.


Neither on the Council nor any of the committees/ working groups, yet, you still have your voice heard. Requests have been sent to Chiefs of Service and Heads of training units to arrange a meeting between council members and your department at an early and convenient date. This will be a yearly meeting at your workplace and we truly believe this is a valuable platform for you to be better informed of College affairs and for the Council to solicit your perspectives and concerns, thereby guiding the Council in directions and strategies. We will continue to explore venues to meet face-to-face with colleagues working outside of training units and your suggestions are most needed.


At the March meeting, the Council was very honoured by the visit of the President of the HK Academy of Medicine, Prof LAU Chak Sing. He was accompanied by Prof Gilberto LEUNG, Academy Vice President (Education and Examinations), Dr CHOW Yu Fat, Academy Hon Treasurer and Mr Aaron CHENG, Academy CEO. Prof Lau briefed on the background of the postgraduate training collaborations between the Academy and the Shenzhen City health authorities under consideration and recapitulated the site visit by the Academy delegation at the HKU-Shenzhen Hospital in early January in which our Council representatives also participated. We agreed that such collaborations at this time will serve as a good window for the Academy and constituent Colleges to contribute to the medical development in the Greater Bay Area and even at the national level in the longer run.


We are very happy to know that the Academy will be developing a generic e-portfolio that will encompass many essential details of trainees’ training experience, achievements and trainers’ assessment and feedback. There will be smooth interfacing with Colleges that have developed or are developing e-portfolios. We look earnestly forward that this Academy-led initiative will generate the cost-effectiveness and synergism we so need while we embark on our e-portfolio project.


Prof Gilberto Leung enquired about the progress of the service and training at the newly opened Hong Kong Children’s Hospital. As more inpatient services are rolled out, more trainees will be posted there and our College is adamant about sternly maintaining the standards of training. To this end, our College hopes that there is a direct and regular channel of communication with the Hospital Authority Head Office and the HKCH Management about paediatric service development, especially regarding how to effect the hub-and-spoke service model that entails the coordination of subspecialty services, rotation of trainees and trainers, and the corresponding enhancements of the existing subspecialty training programs.


The demand for child and adolescent mental health service is escalating. Paediatricians are called upon to help manage the service backlog. We raised the discussion on community paediatrics and primary health care for children and adolescents. Indeed this will be one important area that our College has to incorporate into the new training curriculum so that we are better equipped to assist the Government in strengthening preventive health care.

Dr. TSE Wing Yee, Winnie


9 April 2019




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