Membership Committee

dr kp lee-photo1 20200622 2076389068The terms of reference for the Membership Committee is to scrutinise, examine and consider the qualification and experience of candidates for admission to the College and to advise the Council accordingly. 

Chairman: Dr Lee Kwok Piu

Committee members


Announcements from the committee

Meeting Time: Membership committee holds 4 meetings in February, May, August and November of each year.
Applications will be processed and vetted during Committee meeting provided the paper forms of all relevant application documents arrive at College at least 3 weeks prior to each upcoming Membership Committee meeting.

Relevant document for Associate Application and College Associates

Associatesship Application Form

Checklist for Application of Associateship

Accrediation Committee Guidelines and Procedures

Checklist of Clinical Experience and Procedures

Flowchart on Training for Trainees


Supporting Documents for Applying Membership

Relevant document for Member Application and College Members

Membership Application Form

Checklist for Application of Membership


Supporting Documents for Applying Fellowship

Relevant document for College Fellows 

Guidelines of CME / CPD

Frequet Asked Question FAQFAQ 

- information includes:
What are the terms and conditions of various College member categories?
What should I do if there are changes of my personal data?
What is the current annual subscription fee?
What happen if I do not settle the annual subscription?
If I reside overseas, what should I do? How about if I return back Hong Kong from overseas?
Under What situation would result in termination of membership?
Is there a mechanism to reinstate College membership?

Useful document:

Annual Subscription Fee and Admission Fee of College members

Application Form for Change of Membership Status from local to overseas 

Guidelines on Reinstatement of Membership

Application Form for Reinstatement of Membership

Procedures and Application Form for Retrospective Accrediation of Training in Paediatrics

Application for Training Interruption 















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