Membership Committee

dr kp lee-photo1 20200622 2076389068The terms of reference for the Membership Committee is to scrutinise, examine and consider the qualification and experience of candidates for admission to the College and to advise the Council accordingly. 

Chairman: Dr Lee Kwok Piu

Committee members


Announcements from the committee

Application for College Associateship

Application Form to apply for Associate Membership 

Checklist for Associate Membership Applicants

Checklist of Clinical Experience and Procedures

Guidelines on Postgraduate Training and Accreditation

Application for College Membership

Application Form to apply for Membership

Checklist for Membership Applicants

  1. Personal Data and Appointments
  2. Training Summary
  3. Detailed Training Record Sheets

Record of Completion of Basic Training in Paediatrics

Reply Slip 

Procedures for Application for Admission of Members

Supporting documents for applying Membership

Supporting documents for applying to sit in the Exit Assessment (to become Fellows)

Application for College Fellowship (elevation from College Members Only)

Procedures for Application for Admission of Fellows 

Overseas Membership and Fellowship

Guidelines on Reinstatement of Membership

Application Form for Reinstatement of Membership















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