Dates of College Examinations in 2024

Dear Associate and Members, 

Please be informed that the next batch of examinations will be held on the days stated below. 

Kindly note that these dates may be subject to change. Please visit the College website to check for the latest examination announcement nearer the time.






opening date

closing date


MRCPCH Foundation of Practice, Theory and Science (formerly Part IA and IB)

21 February 2024 (Wed)
[online invigilation only]

4 Dec 2023 

8 Dec 2023



26 June 2024 (Wed)



16 October 2024 (Wed)


MRCPCH Applied Knowledge in Practice (formerly Part II Written)

24 Jan 2024 (Wed) 
[Online invigilation only]

6 Nov 2023

10 Nov 2023



22 May 2024 (Wed)




18 September 2024 (Wed)



MRCPCH Clinical

12-13 Mar 2024 (Tue-Wed)

27 Nov 2023

8 Dec 2023



15-16 Oct 2024 (Tue-Wed)

early / mid Jul 2024

mid / late Jul 2024


DCH Clinical

There will be no DCH Clinical Exam in 2024 in Hong Kong, candidates planning to sit the exam can apply via the UK application portal:

DCH Clinical exam - how to apply




Exit Assessment

18 June 2024 (Tue)

late Mar/early Apr 2024

late Apr 2024



19 Dec 2024 (Thu)

late Aug/early Sep 2024

late Sep/early Oct 2024




Examination Committee



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