Committee for Subspecialty Boards (CSB)

lickThe Committee for Subspecialty Boards (CSB) has replaced the 'Working Group on Accreditation of Paediatric Subspecialties in Hong Kong (WG)' established in 8 September 2008 to carry out the subspecialty accreditation and development.  The  CSB  has been formed in July 2013 to assist the Director of Subspecialty Boards to handle the accreditation and running of all paediatric subspecialties. Its operation is governed by Section 10 of the College Byelaws under the 'Subspecialty Affairs'.

Administrative Structure

Director of Subspecialty Boards:  Prof Li Chi-kong

Terms of reference:

Committee for Subspecialty Boards: List of Membership


The Hong Kong College of Paediatricians bears a statutory responsbility to ensure the standard and quality of paediatric practice through reliable system of traininig, accreditation, and continuous professional development. The programme in General Paediatrics has been running effectively for many years. With the progress in tertirary services and the planning of the future Centre of Excellence in Paediatrics (CEP), there is a need for a proper accreditation system of subspecialists. 

The College set up a Task Force for Accreditation of Higher Training of Paediatric Subspecialties on 4th May 2000. The Task Force presented to the College a Guideline on the Criteria for the Accreditation of a Paediatric Subspecialty Training Programme in January 2004. 

The Task Force was replaced by the Working Group on Accreditation of Paediatric Subspecialties (WG), with broader terms of reference and membership, on 8th September 2008 to continue the work. 

At the Council meeting on 12th May 2009, the College Council endorsed an amendment of the Byelaws by adding a section on Subspecialty affairs. The Director of Subspecialty Board was appointed on 9 September 2010.

The formation of CSB has established in July 2013 to carry on the function of the WG and govern subspecialty affairs following the dissolution of the WG. 

Since 2011, the CSB has completed accreditation of seven (7) subspecialties, namely
1. Paediatric Immunology, Allergy & Infectious Diseases   (PIAID)
    [formerly known as Paediatric Immunology & Infectious Diseases (PIID)]
2. Developmental-Behavioural Paediatrics   (DBP)
3. Paediatric Neurology   (PN)
4. Paediatric Respiratory Medicine   (PRM)
5. Genetics & Genomics (Paediatrics)   (GGP) 
6. Paediatric Endocrinology   (PE) 
7. Paediatric Haematology & Oncology  (PHO) which was newly established in 2022

Paediatric Subspecialty Events and Activities: 

CSB will organize the below foum in year 2024:

1. Consultation Forum on the Proposed Subspecialty of Paediatric Cardiology on 25 May 2024 (Sat) 2:00 pm at James Kung Meeting Room, 2/F HKAM Jockey Club Building

The below forun and survey under CSB have been organized and conducted in year 2023:

1. Survey Form to Young Fellows /  Members / Associates about PSI and PAP Training Paths - January 2023

2. Consultative Forum on PSI and PAP Training Pathyways on 16 May 2023, 7:00 pm, Function Room 2, 2/F HKAM

3. CSB Forum on Paediatricians with Special Interest (PSI) and Programme of Advanced Paediatrics (PAP) Training Pathway for Fellows / Members / Associates on 30 December 2023 (Sat) 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm, Block M, Ground Fllow, Room 2, Queen Elizabeth Hospital

The below forum and working group meeting under CSB have been organized in year 2022:

1. Consultative Forum on Operation of Subspecialty Boards and Future Development of Subspecialty in Hong Kong on 18 June 2022 (Saturday), 1430 - 1715, TEAMS

2. 1st PSI & PAP sub-workgroup meeting on 22 September 2022, 0830

3. 2nd Working Group Meeting for PSI and PAP on 26 October 2022, 1930 - 2100, online

Four Fora and two meetings under the CSB to conduct an interim review of the subspecialty accreditation process in Year 2019:

1. Forum for College Fellows and First Fellows held on 28 February 2019

2. CSB Forum with the COSs dated 2 March 2019

3. Meeting with the 'unsuccessful' First Fellows dated 2 March 2019

4. CSB Forum for College Trainees and the Young Fellows dated 25 May 2019

5. CSB Retreat dated 20 June 2019

6. CSB Core Group meeting for an Overall Review of the Series of Meetings dated 11 July 2019

CSB Final Report on Review of Paediatric Subspecialty Accreditation and Development 2019 endorsed at  the 183rd Council Meeting of 27 November 2019

Forum on Proposal of Renaming of the Subspecialty in Paediatric Immunology & Infectious Diseases (PIID) to Paediatric Immunology, Allergy and Infectious Diseases (PIAID)


Announcement (r2)

Programme Agenda (r2)

Proposal of application of re-naming from the PIID Subspecialty Boad

Curriculum for Paediatric Training, Paediatric Allergy, Immunology and Infectious Diseases from Royal College of Paediatric and Child Health (RCPCH)  

Forum on the Impact of Hong Kong Children's Hospital on the future paediatric training and service held on 24th September 2016 



Programme Agenda

Presentations - Proposed service and training models of subspecialty services - in Phase I and in full operation of HKCH

  • Part I - 4 subspecialties moving into HKCH in Phase I
  1. Cardiology - Dr  KT CHAU
  2. Haematology and Oncology - Prof. CF CHAN 
  3. Paediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) - Prof. Ellis KL HON 
  4. Renal - Dr KC TSE
  • Part II - 11 subspecialties supporting HKCH in Phase I, moving in when in full operation
  1. Adolescent Medicine - Dr PY LOUNG
  2. Developmental-Behavioural Paediatrics (DBP) - Dr Catherine CC LAM
  3. Endocrinology - Dr Betty WM BUT
  4. Genetics & Genomics (Paediatrics) - Dr Ivan FM LO
  5. Gastroenterology and Hepatology (GI) - Dr  Rosanna MS WONG
  6. Immunology, Allergy & Infectious Diseases - Prof YL LAU
  7. Metabolic Medicine - Dr Joannie HUI
  8. Neonatology  (training comparison table- Dr NS KWONG
  9. Neurology - Dr KT LIU
  10. Respiratory Medicine - Dr Alfred YC TAM
  11. Rheumatology - Dr KP LEE
  12. View from Chief of Service of a regional Hospital - Dr LY So

Open Forum on Accreditation of the Subspecialties of Developmental Behavioural Paediatrics (DBP) and Paediatric Neurology (PN) Programme Proposals on 11th May 2011


Open Forum on Accreditation of the Subspecialties of Developmental Behavioural Paediatrics (DBP) and Paediatric Neurology (PN) Programme Proposals on 11th May 2011


Presentations at the Open Forum on Subspecialty Accreditation on 27th October 2009

Report on the 4th Open Forum on 27th October 2009


Presentations at the 3rd Forum on Paediatric Subspecialty Development and Accreditation on 16th July 2008 

Final Report by the Task Force (18th September 2008)

The Final Report 

Presentations by Dr CHAN Chok Wan at the Meeting with Subspecialty Groups on 11th February 2004


Other references:

 Reference Documents from Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada

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