October College Newsletter To: All Fellows, Members and Associates of the College, College Newsletter, October, 2015 Issue Please find the October College newsletter for your information. Best regards, College SecretaryHong Kong College of Paediatricians

2015 Annual Social Function


Dear Fellows, Members and Associates of the College, Annual Social Function 2015 Half-day Seafood Dinner Tour to Peng Chau 坪洲半天吃喝玩樂之旅 The College Social Function will take place on 8 November 2015, Sunday, and feature a trip to Peng Chau. Peng Chau is a tiny island situated 8km west of south Hong Kong Island. Around 6,300 people live on the island. It was once a thriving industrial island which, in its 1960's heydays, had over 100 factories serving over 30 industries. Now is probably the greenest place in Hong Kong. Highlights of this year's Social Function will be a family walk in Peng Chau to Finger Hill (95m only) and surroundings followed by dinner at a local seafood restaurant. 坪洲是個歷史悠久及生物多樣化的小島。它是個連島沙洲,提供了人類作息的地方,雖然四面環海,但竟然有非常豐富的地下淡水水源,所以早在新石器時代己經有人居住。由於鄰近珠江三角洲及南中國海之咸淡水交界,四周的海域為海洋生物提供了一個優質的海洋生態環境,所以此處海產非常豐富,早在清代己經是個非常發達的漁港、交易中心,全盛時期有超過二百艘漁船在附近作業。歷史記載早在宋朝已有漢人在此發展灰窯工業。它的歷史演變與其地理及環境有密切的關係。城市化令很多鄉村,中國傳統文化與習俗消失了,但坪洲人卻還保留了很多這些習俗和強烈社區精神。 這個衹有一平方公哩的小島,竟然保存百之七十面績的綠化及百份之六十沿海,這裏有個生物多樣化的生態環境,有超五十種雀鳥,過百種昆蟲,原生植物,水果樹及山草藥品種亦非常多。 除了多種沿海生物及植物,坪洲曾經是珊瑚的天堂,現在還有超過三十五種的珊瑚品種。中華白海豚亦在附近海面居住過。坪洲可算是麻雀雖小五臟俱全。加上獨一無二的三百六十度香港海境,令這個旅程更添色彩。 手指山頂 從市集到手指山頂,衹需步行半小時至四十分鐘便可到達,山上的鳳萍亭一年三百六十日都有清涼的海風吹送,無論路上行走有多辛苦,一到此處清風送爽,讓你暑氣全消,加上四處山明水秀,令你樂而忘返。 山頂能觀看到香港獨一無二的360度香港全景,東面可見到香港島及九龍半島,南面有南丫島周公島及喜靈洲,西面正是大嶼山、東面的沿岸有多個村莊,馳名神樂院、愉景灣之跟據地、北面有狄士尼樂園,青馬大橋等盡入眼眼簾。 天涯海角 從抽水站的斜路走上手指山的山腰,有一條小路向海岸邊走去,就是天涯海角。此處風景如畫,除了可以遠眺香港島及九龍半島外,更可欣賞天然的海岸、縣崖峭壁;靜下來時,更可靜聽海濤泊岸,令人心曠神怡、悠然神往。 近岸有兩個荒島,一個是銀洲,另一個是小交椅,島上曾經有張保仔洞。張保仔是一位縱橫稱霸於珠江口一帶的海盜。據史書記載,一八零九年間清兵與張保仔船隊戰於赤立角海域一帶。次年,張保仔接受朝廷招降,並到福建做起官來。 Registration is on a first come, first served basis. Please send the reply slip to the College together with your cheque payment. Deadline for registration is 15 October 2015. College Secretariat

2015 Child Protection Course


Dear All Associates / Members / Fellows, Please be informed that the Hong Kong College of Paediatricians will conduct the 8th Child Protection Course on 7 November 2015 (Saturday) at HK Academy of Medicine Building.  Associate members, Members and Fellows of the College are welcome to apply, and priority will be given to trainees.  The deadline for application is 7 October 2015. Please kindly note that the above-mentioned course has become a mandatory requirement within the six year of paediatric training of College trainees who start their basic training on or after 1st July 2009. Enclosed please find the poster with the application form for your reference. Thank you for your attention.   College Secretariat        

35th Exit Assessment, 17th December 2015 (Thursday)


Dear Members, The next Exit Assessment of the College will be held on 17th December 2015 (Thursday). Attached please find an announcement, application form, FORM A and FORM B for your information. Members wishing to sit this Exit Assessment can send your completed applications to the College from now until 2nd October 2015 (Friday). Please be reminded to include FORM A (Record of Higher Training in Paediatrics) and FORM B (Checklist for Dissertations) in your submission. Both hard and soft copies of your dissertations should also be submitted. 1. For all trainees who started their basic paediatric training on or after 1st July 2009, a proof of completion of a formal Child Protection Course within their 6-year Paediatric Training Programme should be submitted along with the application. 2. Dissertations submitted for this Exit Assessment will be considered for the 2016 Best Dissertation Prize awarded by the College. Case reports will not be considered for the Prize. Thank you for your kind attention. College Secretariat



  August College Newsletter To: All Fellows, Members and Associates of the College, College Newsletter, August, 2015 Issue Please find the August College newsletter for your information. Best regards, College SecretaryHong Kong College of Paediatricians

MRCPCH Foundation of Practice, Theory & Science Examination (formerly Part I), 6th October 2015 (Tuesday)


Dear Associates, Please be informed that the next MRCPCH Foundation of Practice, Theory & Science Examination will be held on 6th October 2015.  Candidates wishing to sit this exam in HK must apply both online using the RCPCH website (  ) AND submit paper applications to our College.  Please study carefully the details of application as outlined in the attached circular. Application period20 July 2015 – 31 July 2015 Examination FeeFOP & TAS (both papers)       HK$7,250FOP only (single paper)         HK$4,500TAS only (single paper)          HK$4,500 Payment should be made payable to Hong Kong College of Paediatricians. Thank you for your attention. College Secretariat

Announcement of the Application for Accreditation of Subspecialty of Paediatric Endocrinology and Metabolic Medicine (PEMM)


To: All Fellows, Members and Associates of the College  Please read this IMPORTANT announcement about the application for accreditation of the Subspecialty of Paediatric Endocrinology and Metabolic Medicine (PEMM). Our College has started to accredit paediatric subspecialties since 2013. This is in line with modern clinical practice, the need for credentialing and for preparation of the future Children's Hospital. The accreditation was done through a fair and stringent system, involving setting standard guidelines, open consultation to all College Fellows, and inviting an internationally renowned External Assessor and representatives of sister Colleges. The definition of a subspecialty has to be based on the pre-requisite criteria set by the Hong Kong Academy of Medicine.  Our College also has pre-set standard accreditation procedures of any proposed new subspecialty. So far we have accredited the Subspecialties of Paediatric Immunology and Infectious Diseases (PIID), Developmental Behavioural Paediatrics (DBP) and Paediatric Neurology (PN). The Paediatric Respiratory Medicine (PRM) subspecialty will also be processed in the near future. We now announce that our College has received an application for accreditation of the Subspecialty of Paediatric Endocrinology and Metabolic Medicine (PEMM). The application documents (The application forms, proposed training programme, curriculum vitae of external referees and programme leaders, and supporting letters from external referees) have been uploaded onto the College website for your information and downloading. Please follow the link below to obtain necessary information for application: Application for Accreditation of Subspecialty of Paediatric Endocrinology & Metabolic Medicine (PEMM) A full set of the documents is also kept at the College Secretariat at Room 801, Hong Kong Academy of Medicine Jockey Club Building and interested Fellows can come to read them during office hours from Monday to Friday. In accordance with the pre-agreed logistics of handling any such application, we are making this announcement and inviting ALL Fellows, Members and Associates to give your comments on this application.  This is an important step in the future development of paediatric service and may also have a big impact on paediatric practice in hospitals and in private practice in future.  Please send in your comments on the proposal on or before 15 September 2015 (Tuesday). The College will decide the way forward basing on the consensus opinion of our Fellows. Dr CW Chan Director of Subspecialty Boards

3rd Annual Scientific Meeting - 5 - 6 December 2015 (Saturday & Sunday)


To: All Fellows, Members and Associates of the College We are pleased to announce that College will be hosting a one and a half day Annual Scientific Meeting this year at the HK Academy of Medicine Building, half day on Saturday (Dec 5) immediately preceding the College AGM and Annual Dinner, and full day on Sunday (Dec 6). The meeting will consist of case-based symposia, a free paper session, a session on Office Paediatrics and a "Young Fellows' session". There is also a session on medico-legal ethics presented by a legal expert. This will be a unique opportunity for paediatricians to discuss, share and update clinical paediatric knowledge in an interactive way.  Focus will be on cross-disciplinary holistic care of children, scientific updates and presentation of the latest in paediatric research. Please find attached the poster and details for registration.  Registration by email ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) or fax (2785-1850): on or before 13th November 2015. Abstract submission deadline: 5th October 2015 We invite you to submit your abstracts to the Free Paper Session (both clinical and basic science research are welcome).  In particular, young investigators are encouraged to submit abstracts to make this meeting a success.  You may select "oral presentation" if you do wish to be considered for an oral presentation during the free paper session. Please email your abstract to the College Secretariat ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) and c.c. Dr. Brian CHUNG ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) using the instructions on the Abstract submission form.  Notification of abstract acceptance and selection for oral presentations will be sent by email in November.  Prizes will be awarded for the best oral and poster presentations.  All selected abstracts will be published in the Hong Kong Journal of Paediatrics (new series).  Due to copyright issues, identical abstracts that have been submitted and presented previously will not be accepted for this meeting. Please mark the date of this important event in your diary and register early. Thank you for your support. Scientific & Researach SubcommitteeHong Kong College of Paediatricians

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