Dates of College Examinations in 2022


Dear Associate and Members,  Please be informed that the next batch of examinations will be held on the days stated below. Kindly note that these dates may be subject to change. Please visit the College website to check for the latest examination announcement nearer the time.                 Examination   Applicationopening date Applicationclosing date Announcement MRCPCH Foundation of Practice, Theory and Science 16 February 2022 (Wed) 1 Dec 2021 13 Dec 2021 Announcement   15 June 2022 (Wed) [special diet] 6 Apr 2022 18 Apr 2022 Announcement   19 October 2022 (Wed) 4 Aug 2022 15 Aug 2022 Announcement  MRCPCH Applied Knowledge in Practice 18 May 2022 (Wed) 10 Mar 2022 21 Mar 2022 Announcement   21 Sept 2022 (Wed) 4 July 2022 18 July 2022 Announcement MRCPCH Clinical 17-19 May 2022 (Tue - Thu) [postponed from 28 Feb - 2 Mar 2022] 28 Dec 2021 11 Jan 2022 Announcement   19-22 Sept 2022 23 Jun 2022 6 July 2022 Announcement DCH Clinical Suspended Exit Assessment 16 June 2022 (Thur) 25 Mar 2022 26 Apr 2022 Announcement   15 Dec 2022 (Thur) 1 Sep 2022 29 Sep 2022 Announcement   Examination Committee

Newsletter Oct 2021


Oct 2021 Newsletter   College Newsletter October 2021 To all Fellows, Members and Associates, Re: College Newsletter – October 2021 issue Please find the latest College Newsletter, October 2021 issue for your information. Thank you for your attention. Best regards                                                               Lily Lin College Secretary Hong Kong College of Paediatricians Tel : 2871-8752 Fax : 2785-1850 Email :  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

47th Exit Assessment, 16 December 2021 (Thursday)


Dear Members, The next Exit Assessment of the College will be held on 16 December 2021 (Thursday). Attached please find an announcement, application form, FORM A and FORM B for your information. Members wishing to sit this Exit Assessment can send your completed applications to the College from 1 September 2021 (Wednesday) onwards until 29 September 2021 (Wednesday). Please be reminded to include FORM A (Record of Higher Training in Paediatrics) and FORM B (Checklist for Dissertations) in your submission. Both hard and soft copies of your dissertations should also be submitted. 1.For all trainees who started their basic paediatric training on or after 1 July 2009, a proof of completion of a formal Child Protection Course within their 6-year Paediatric Training Programme should be submitted along with the application. 2.Dissertations submitted for this Exit Assessment will be considered for the 2022 Best Dissertation Prize awarded by the College. Case reports will not be considered for the Prize. Thank you for your kind attention. College Secretariat

MRCPCH Clinical Examination, 25-28 October 2021 (Monday to Thursday)


Dear Associates Attached please find a circular detailing the application procedures for the above exam. Application period starts from 12 August 2021 (Thursday) to 26 August 2021 (Thursday). Relevant application forms and documents can be downloaded from the College website. * Please note that a candidate declaration form will need to be completed and submitted with Application Form D. Examination Fee HK$16,600 Payment should be made payable to Hong Kong College of Paediatricians. Please note that1. Applicants who have not been chosen in the low-drawing for the May-June 2021 MRCPCH Clinical Exam will be given priority to sit the exam.2. Candidates have a period of 7 years to complete the Clinical Examination from the date he/she passed all of the theory examinations. There is no limit to the number of attempts.  If candidates are not able to pass the Clinical Examination within the seven years, he/she has to re-sit the Applied Knowledge in Practice Examination in order to take the Clinical Examination again. Thank you for your kind attention. College Secretariat

Newsletter Aug 2021


College Newsletter August 2021  To all Fellows, Members and Associates, Re: College Newsletter – August 2021 issue Please find the latest College Newsletter, August 2021 issue for your information. Thank you for your attention. Best regards                                                             College Secretariat HK College of Paediatricians      

MRCPCH Foundation of Practice, Theory & Science Examination (formerly Part I), 13 October 2021 (Wednesday)


Dear Associates, Please be informed that the next MRCPCH Foundation of Practice, Theory & Science (FOP TAS) Examination will be held on 13 October 2021 (Wednesday). Candidates wishing to sit this exam in HK must apply both online using the RCPCH website ( ) AND submit paper applications to our College. Please study carefully the details of application as outlined in the attached circular. Online Application period29 July 2021 (Thur) – 9 August 2021 (Mon) Options for sitting this exam1. At a test centre in person, or2. At your own home or workplace with online invigilation (online invigilation guide) Examination FeeFOP & TAS (both papers) HK$7,600FOP only (single paper) HK$4,700TAS only (single paper) HK$4,700 Payment should be made payable to Hong Kong College of Paediatricians. You are strongly advised to submit your online application promptly. Those candidates who have never taken an exam with the RCPCH and/or do not have an RCPCH number are advised to first register with the RCPCH well before the application period. A RCPCH number is needed in order to access the online application forms for exams. There will be TWO FOP TAS exams held in HK each year, one in February, and another one in October. Thank you for your attention. College Secretariat

COVID-19 Corner


Below please find a list of COVID-19-related resources and links: College President's message on COVID-19 (7 September 2022) Joint HKCOG and HKCPaed COVID-19 statement (press release on 7 September 2022)   "Hong Kong College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists' advice on Covid-19 vaccination in pregnant and lactating women (interim; updated on 6 May 2022)" College statement on COVID-19 vaccination 11/1/2022 (English Version) 香港兒科醫學院就新冠肺炎疫苗接種的聲明 11/1/2022 (中文版)   College Webinars “All You Need to Know About COVID-19 Jabs” 2 Jul to 9 Jul 2021 您了解新冠疫苗嗎? (講者:梁詩彥醫生及梁廷勳醫生) 2 Jul 2021 您了解新冠疫苗嗎? (講者:游日新醫生、龍振邦醫生、陳偉雄醫生及何寶琪醫生) 5 Jul 2021 您了解新冠疫苗嗎? (講者:何學工醫生及莊俊賢醫生) 7 Jul 2021 您了解新冠疫苗嗎? (講者: 關日華醫生及黃頌智醫生) 8 Jul 2021 All You Need to Know About COVID-19 Jabs (講者:陸俊文醫生) 9 Jul 2021   College Introductory Videos on Covid Vaccination (Bilingual) 30 Jun 2021 齊心抗疫接種 2019 冠狀病毒病疫苗 (Cantonese) Receive the Vaccine and Fight Against the COVID-19 Pandemic (English) Announcement of College Webinars on COVID-19 Vaccination for Adolescents 30 Jun 2021 HKCPaed and HKSPIAID - Joint Position Statement on BioNTech Vaccination in Adolescents with Allergic Diseases 28 Jun 2021 and update on 19 July 2021 Appealing to Adults to Receive COVID-19 Vaccination for the psychosocial and physical health of our children 10 May 2021   COVID-19 – Recommendations for Parents (update 20 Apr 2021) 5 Feb 2020, 19 Apr 2020, and update on 20 Apr 2021   FAQs (Under construction)        

Paediatric Neurology (PN) Subspecialty - Calling for Application for Exit Assessment


Dear Trainees of Subspecialty in Paediatric Neurology (PN), The PN Subspecialty is now calling for Application for Exit Assessment which will be held on 12th November 2021 (Friday).  The PN Subspecialty Trainees who are eligible and would like to sit for the Exit Assessment please submit the application form and the required documents to  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it by 27th August 2021 (Friday). Candidates who can complete their PN training within 12 weeks after the exit examination are also eligible to apply. Please kindly find enclosed the Application Form, Summary of Training Record and Record Sheet of the PN Exit Assessment for your attention.  The form can be downloaded from the College website → Subspecialties → PN →Announcements Best regards,  Dr Eva Fung Honorary Secretary PN Subspecialty Board

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