Archives of Presentations in Paediatric Update Series

In a number of Paediatric Update Series organized by Education Committee, the speakers kindly agreed to have the presentation materials archived in the College website.

** The materials are for registered users of the College only. It requires users to log in before they are able to view and download the presentation materials. 

2011 Paediatric Update Series No. 3 - 18th September 2011

Clinical Audit 

Clinical Audit in Hospital Authority General Out-patient Clinics Dr. CHAN Pang Fai
Clinical Audit in Paediatric Departments in HA Hospitals

Dr. Elaine KWAN

2011 Paediatric Update Series No. 2 - 3rd July 2011

Childhood Allergy 

Immunotherapy - What a Paediatrician should know? 

Dr. LEUNG Ting Fan

2011 Paediatric Update Series No. 1 - 22nd May 2011

Seminar on Infant and Young Child Feeding 

"I want my child to drink more milk!" Dr. Eva LUK
A 4-year-old Girl's Mealtime Battle Dr. Karen TSO
"How come he's not eating his veggies any more?!"
- a 2-year-old boy who dislikes green leafy vegetables 
Dr. Fherina LAM
"How can I get Amy to eat more?"
- a 2 1/2-year-old girl with poor appetite 
Dr. Rachel CHENG
Summary and Key Messages Dr. Shirley LEUNG


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