PALS Course

The Paediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) Course is specially structured for doctors, nurses and other health care professionals whose daily activities require proficiency in the knowledge and skills of PALS.  Since 2007, the PALS provider course has been extensively revised based on many clinical evidences.

Successful completion of the assessment fo the PALS course or its equivalent is mandatory for all applications for membership of the College.

Education Objectives

The course is conducted according to the PALS program jointly developed by the American Heart Association and American Academy of Pediatrics.  The goals of the PALS Course are to provide the participant with the information needed to recognize infants and children at risk of cardiopulmonary arrest; to acquire knowledge to resuscitate, and stabilize infants and children with severe trauma, shock, respiratory failure, or cardiopulmonary arrest.  In addition, skill stations will be used for teaching trainees to be more competent in basic life support, bag-valve-mask ventilation, intubation, gaining vascular access, and recognizing rhythm disturbances.  The PALS Provider Course is conducted over two days.

PALS Course 2017


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