Hong Kong College of Paediatricians Foundation

Hong Kong College of Paediatricians Foundation founded in 1997, is the community service arm of the College. It is a charitable organisation formed by donations made by our college fellows. Its main objective is to seek opportunities to serve the community in Hong Kong and China in relation to children affairs and child health. As an independent corporation, it has the ability to raise funds and plan for activities according to its objectives.


Chairman: Dr. CHEUNG Kam Lau
Vice-chairman:  Dr. YU Chau Leung, Edwin
Hon. Secretary: Dr. LEUNG Cheuk Wa, Wilfred
Hon. Treasurer: Dr. LAU Wai Hung
Members:  Dr. CHENG Chun Fai
Dr. LAU Ding Yue, Daniel
Dr. NG Kwan Wai, Alan
Dr. YAM Man Ching
Dr. LEUNG Tze Ching, Vincent
Dr. TSE Wing Yee, Winnie (ex-officio)
Dr. LAM HS, Simon (ex-officio)
Dr. CHAN Man Cheung, Caleb (Co-opted)





Hong Kong College of Paediatrician Foundation Committee

 Back row from left: Dr. YU Chau Leung, Edwin; Dr. CHEUNG Kam Lau;
Dr. CHENG Chun Fai; Dr. CHAN Man Cheung
Front row from left: Dr. CHAN Chi Sik; Dr. LAU Ding Yue, Daniel; 
Dr. LEUNG Tze Ching, Vincent; Dr. YAM Man Ching; Dr. NG Kwan Wai, Alan


Announcements from the Foundation


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