HM Lui Memorial Fund

 The HM Lui Memorial Fund was established in 2001 with a generous donation of three million Hong Kong Dollars from the Providence Foundation in memory of the late Mr. HM Lui.  The family of Mr. Lui wished to establish the Fund in the Hong Kong College of Paediatricians to promote postgraduate study and research in liver diseases and related disciplines in childrren.  




The Fund is administered in the Hong Kong College of Paediatricians by a Board of Trustees, which consists of:

  1. The President of Hong Kong College of Paediatricians
  2. The Honorary Treasurer of Hong Kong College of Paediatricians
  3. The Head of the Department of Paediatrics and Adolescent Medicine of the University of Hong Kong
  4. The Head of the Department of Paediatrics of the Chinese University of Hong Kong
  5. Dr. Lui Ling Sing, Arthur, and
  6. A paediatrician to be nominated by the Providence Foundation from time to time.

The current Trustees of the Board are:


Prof. FOK Tai Fai


Dr. LUI Ling Sing, Arthur


Prof. CHEUNG Yiu Fai


Prof. LI Man Chim Albert Martin 


Prof. LAM Hugh Simon Hung San


Dr. FONG Nai Chung

The Board is responsible for the investment of the Fund.  The income generated from the investment is used for the purpose of:

  1. Award of Fellowships for overseas training
  2. Commissioned training programmes in Hong Kong

Board of Trustees, HM Lui Memorial Fund

From left: Prof. LAU Yu Lung; Prof. LEUNG Nai Kong; Dr. LUI LIng Sing, Arthur;
Prof.NG Pak Cheung; Dr. CHAN Chi Sik


The HM Lui Fellowships

Each year the Trustee Board of the HM Lui Memorial Fund awards one or more Fellowships to paediatricians or medical graduates of ethnic Chinese origin aged below 40 years, including but not exclusive of the residents of Hong Kong SAR and of the Mainland of China for education, training and research in the United Kingdom in:

  1. Paediatric hepatology and gastroenterology, and/or
  2. Any other discipline in paediatrics as advised by the Providence Foundation from time to time.

Each Fellowship award covers a period of training of three to twelve months, and consists of: 

  1. An air passage
  2. A monthly subsistence, and
  3. Course fees and a book grant

In the past ten years Fellowships have been awarded to:

(A) China

  1. Dr. WANG Jian She from Shanghai in 2003
  2. Dr. LIU Xiaorong from Beijing in 2004
  3. Dr. KUERBANJIANG Abuduxikuer from Urumqi, Xinjiang in 2005
  4. Dr. CHEN Yuan from Shijiazhuang Hebei in 2006
  5. Dr. LIU Zhi Feng from Nanjing, Jiangsu in 2008
  6. Dr. ZHAO Ruiqiu from Chongqing in 2009
  7. Dr. XU Yi from Guangzhou, Guangdong in 2010
  8. Dr. ZHU Li from Guiyang, Guizhou in 2010
  9. Dr. YANG Tian Jiao from Shanghai in 2011
  10. Dr. LUO Dan from Guangzhou, Guangdong in 2011
  11. Dr. DAI Dongling from Shenzhen in 2012
  12. Dr. DONG Fang from Shanxi in 2013
  13. Dr. LIU Ying from Shenzhen in 2014
  14. Dr YUAN Li Ping from Hefei, Anhui in 2015
  15. Dr WANG Yuhuan from Shanghai in 2015
  16. Dr FANG Weiyuan from Shanghai in 2016
  17. Dr ZHOU Ying from Shanghai in 2017 
  18. Dr WANG Jun from Xi' An in 2019
  19. Dr YE Ziqing from Shanghai in 2019

(B) Hong Kong

  1. Dr. CHOW Chung Mo of Prince of Wales Hospital in 2008
  2. Dr. HO Chi Hang, Assunta of Prince of Wales Hospital in 2008
  3. Dr. CHAN Wai Yin of Tuen Mun Hospital in 2010
  4. Dr. CHAU Shuk Kuen, Christy of Queen Mary Hospital in 2012
  5. Dr. FUNG Tsui Hang, Sharon of Kwong Wah Hospital in 2013
  6. Dr. KU Tak Loi of Tuen Mun Hospital in 2014
  7. Dr. LOUNG Po Yee of Queen Elizabeth Hospital in 2015
  8. Dr. LAU Wai Ling of Caritas Medical Centre in 2016
  9. Dr. LEE Po Yee, Lilian of United Christian Hospital in 2016
  10. Dr. HUNG Gi Kay, Zita of Princess Margaret Hospital in 2017
  11. Dr. NG Tsz Ying, Chantel of Alice Ho Miu Ling Nethersole Hospital in 2017
  12. Dr CHUA Gilbert T. of Queen Mary Hospital in 2020


Commissioned Training in Hong Kong 

The Trustee Board of the HM Lui Memorial Fund has supported and sponsored training programmes in different paediatric subspecialties by overseas renowned experts conducted in accredited training centres of the Hong Kong College of Paediatricians in Hong Kong:

  1. Training in Paediatric Oncology and Review of service provision for children with cancer in Hong Kong by Prof. Ross Pinkerton, Professor of Oncology, University of Queensland, Australia in 2005
  2. Training and Review of Paediatric Infectious Disease/Immunology/Allergy/Rheumatology Services in Hong Kong by Prof. Andrew J Cant, Director, Children Medical Services, Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom in 2006
  3. Training and Review of Community Paediatrics Services in Hong Kong by Prof. Leon Polnay, Professor of Community Paediatrics, University of Nottingham, United Kingdom in 2006
  4. Training in Paediatric Liver Diseases by Prof. Giorgina Mieli-Vergani, Alex Mowat Professor of Paediatric Hepatology and Professor Diego Vergani, Professor of Liver Immunopathology, King's College Hospital, University of London, United Kingdom in 2010

20th Anniversary Scientific Meeting cum HM Lui Memorial Fund 10th Anniversary Symposium 
"Recent Advances in Paediatrics" on 10th December 2011



HM Lui Fellowship Award - for Hong Kong Locals (2024) 

HM Lui Fellowship Award - for Mainland China (2024-2025)

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