Developmental-Behavioural Paediatrics (DBP)


DBP Subspecialty Board

List of Membership (June 2019 - May 2022)

Application for Accreditation of Subspecialty of Developmental-Behavioural Paediatrics

  1. Subspecialty Application Form
  2. Supporting members' Signatures
  3. DBP Subspecialty Programme Proposal
  4. Appendices 1 - 20 (large zip file for download - 10MB)
  5. Letters of Support from External Assessors

Subspecialty of DBP Training Programme 

Logsheets and Miscellaneous Forms for DBP Training Programme

1.   Generic for all

2. Developmental-Behavioural Paediatrics Foundation Module

3. Child Public Health

4. Clinical Genetics

5. Child & Adolescent Psychiatry  

6.   Paediatric Neurology

7. Electives (use Generic forms as appropriate)

DBP Exit Examination Documents for July 2022

Documents for Candidates

1. Announcement of Exit Assessment for Subspecialty Fellows [EA-2018]  [EA-2015]

2. Guidelines for Exit Examination [EA-Guidelines 2018]

3. Application for Exit Assessment [EA-Application Form 2018]

4. App I_Summary of Training RecordApp II_Record Sheet  [EA-TP 2018]

5. Checklist for Dissertations, Presentations and Case Report [EA-DP 2018]

Forms for Programme Director

5-set Interim Assessment for Programme Director's evaluation for different modules

1. Child & Adolescent Psychiatry module (CAP)

2. Clinical Genetics module  in DBP (CG)

3. Child Public Health module in DBP (CPH)

4. DBP Foundation module (DBP)

5. Child Neurology module (PN)






25th April 2022: Call for Application of Exit Assessment (27th July 2022)

2nd March 2020: Invitation for Enrollment of Training Programme (Commencing from 2nd July 2020)

9th April 2018: Invitation for Enrollment of Training Programme (Commencing from 1st July 2018)

11th January 2018: Call for Application of Exit Assessment

25th February 2015: Invitation for Enrollment of Training Programme (Commencing from 2 July 2015)  

22nd July 2014: Invitation for Enrollment of Training Programme (Commencing from 2 January 2015)

2nd January 2014: Invitation for Enrollment of Training Programme (Commencing from 1 July 2014)

3rd October 2013: Invitation for Enrollment of Training Programmme (Commencing from 1 Dec 2013)

13th May 2013: Final Call for Application of First Fellows

18th June 2012: Call for Applications of First Fellows


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