Application for College Accreditation of CME Meetings

Please send all CME applications to the College Secretariat by email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  .

For your convenience, you can download the application forms as below:

For Individual Applicants:

    • Individual Fellows applying for Cat A meetings (local or overseas)  (Word)
    • Individual Fellows applying for Cat C - Publication (Word)
    • Individual Fellows applying for Cat E - Postgraduate Courses / Undergraduate Teaching (Word)
    • Please rename file name as ' your name_event date' for application, for example 'Chan Tai Man_16.5.2017'

For Event Organizers:

    • Organizations applying for Cat A, B or E meetings (local)  (Word)
    • Event organizers should avoid undue commercial influence on the educational materials. The Guidelines and Declaration Form can be found here.
    • Please rename file name as ' Organizer name(Initial)_event date' for application, for example 'HKCP_16.5.2017' 

Please complete the application form and send in with full programmes. You are also encouraged to send in your application form by email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

For individual Fellows, retrospective accreditation of Cat A meetings is accepted provided that the application is received not later than 3 months from the date of the meeting.

Category B & D activities will not be retrospectively accredited. Prior application for approval is required. Category C activity (publication) will be accredited after the paper has been published and will be accredited to the same CME-cycle year in which the paper appears in publication.


For your information, the application will go through the following steps. Therefore it is vital that you should send in your application early, preferably 4 weeks before the meeting.

  • On receiving your application through HK Academy of Medicine, College secretary will channel the applications to respective working groups, according to Appendix 1.
  • After approving the CME meetings, each working group will send replies back to College Secretariat, who will forward to HKAM for record and necessary action to reply to the respective applicants.
  • For individual applicants for overseas/local activities, he/she is reminded to send back the Certificates of Attendance to College for uploading the accredited CME pts.
  • If the application is from an organizing body, a copy of the College official Attendance Sheets will be sent to that organization by HKAM for recording the Fellows attendance. The Attendance Sheets must be sent back to the College secretariat within 7 working days after each meeting. 

Quality Assurance

  • All applications should be preferably be processed within 14 working days; The College secretariat will remind the responsible working group if she does not receive response within 7 working days after relaying the application.
  • Retreival of Attendance Records: After each meeting, if no attendance record is received within 7 working days, the College secretariat will contact the organising body (in case the record has been lost in mailing).

Instructions on re-direction of applications for CME points accreditation by members of CME subcommittee


Parties applying for accreditation

Types of meetings

To whom applications are directed?

Hong Kong Paediatric Society, Paediatric Subspecialty Societies

Local Category A meetings


Other Colleges, Societies (note 3)

Local Category A or E meetings

Dr. TSOI Nai Shun

Individual Fellows (note 3)

Overseas or local A or E meetings

Dr. TSOI Nai Shun

Public institutions (note 1)

Local Category A or E meetings

Dr. YAM Man Ching

Private hospitals, Private study groups (note 2)

Local B or E meetings

Dr. Daniel CHIU

Individual Fellows (other than Fellows resident overseas) (note 3)

Category C or D activities accreditation

Dr. TSOI Nai Shun

Activities of Hong Kong Medical Association & Federation of Medical Societies of Hong Kong

Local A or E meetings

Dr. CHAN Ngai Man

Fellows resident overseas

All meetings held overseas. Category A, B or E

Dr. LEE Wai Hong

All other parties (note 3)

All other meetings

Dr. TSOI Nai Shun


Note 1: (to be redirected to Dr. YAM Man Ching of PWH)

The list includes:

    • Alice Ho Miu Ling Nethersole Hospital
    • Caritas Medical Centre
    • Hong Kong Children's Hospital 
    • Kwong Wah Hospital
    • North District Hospital
    • Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital
    • Prince of Wales Hospital
    • Princess Margaret Hospital
    • Queen Elizabeth Hosptial
    • Queen Mary Hospital
    • The Grantham Hospital
    • Tseung Kwan O Hospital
    • Tuen Mun Hospital
    • United Christian Hospital
    • Yan Chai Hospital
    • Department of Health - Child Assessement Service
    • Department of Health - Clinical Genetic Service
    • Department of Health - Family Health Service
    • The University of Hong Kong
    • The Chinese University of Hong Kong


Note 2: (to be redirected to Dr. Daniel CHIU)

The list includes:

    • Adventist Hospital
    • Baptist Hospital (coordinator: Dr Mary Kwong Bi Lok)
    • Canossa Hospital (coordinator: Dr Alfred Tam)
    • Gleneagles Hong Kong Hospital
    • Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital
    • Matilda International Hospital
    • St. Paul's Hospital
    • St Teresa's Hospital
    • Private Practicing Paediatricians Study Group (coordinator: Dr CHENG Chun Fai) 
    • Union Hospital

Note 3: (to be redirected to Dr. TSOI Nai Shun)

All other societies, colleges or organisations; All individual Fellows


updated cme application chart

Please inquire at College secretariat if there is no reply within 14 working days
Phone: 28718752; FAX: 27851850; Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Address: Rm 801, HK Academy of Medicine Building, Wong Chuk Hang Road, Aberdeen