Overview of CME / CPD

tsoinsContinuing Medical Education (CME) / Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is the continuation of education for all practising Fellows. Continuing Medical Education (CME) is a statutory requirement for Fellows of the Academy Colleges to stay in the Specialist Registry of the Medical Council of Hong Kong. The Hong Kong College of Paediatricians set up the CME Subcommittee (a subsidiary of the Education Committee) in 1995 to develop guidelines and run the CME programme for College Fellows.

Chairman of CME Subcommittee: Dr. TSOI Nai Shun

Subcommittee members

Academic meetings, organised by the Hong Kong College of Paediatricians, Hong Kong Paediatric Society (HKPS), paediatric subspecialty societies, International Pediatric Association, associations of South-east Asian Region, international paediatric or paediatric subspecialty societies, medical institutions, and study groups approved by Paediatric College, will be considered by the CME Subcommittee for accreditation. Activities related to paediatrics will be accredited. The points allocated will be publicised together with the notice of meetings.

Guidelines of CME / CPD

The latest guidelines were revised on 28th November 2023 and are available here

Application of CME Activities

If you are an organizer of CME meetings and you want to apply for your meetings to be accredited, a dedicated section in our website details the application procedures.

CME Activities Database from 2013 onwards

The website features a dedicated section for listing Category A, B, E CME activities endorsed by the College from 2013 onwards. You may search CME events by Category, Year, Month, and Status.  

Archives of CME Activities (2000 - 2012)

An archive of CME activities prior to 2013, grouped according to years and categories, is available in the Document Centre section

Quick User Guides of Web-based Learning for Active CME

Fellows participating in Category D Active CME self-study programmes, such as paediatric related CME exercise in Hong Kong Medical Journal and other web-based programmes, need to obtain prior approval and will be accredited when completed diligently.

The users guides for 3 web-based programmes are available in the following links:

International Network for CME & CPD (iCMECPD)

College Fellows can review their own CME attainments in the iCMECPD website, hosted by Hong Kong Academy of Medicine.