PN SB Call for Exit Application 2023

Subspecialty of Paediatric Neurology (PN) - Call for Exit Assessment Application (commencing from 18th July 2023)


Dear Trainees of Subspecialty in Paediatric Neurology (PN),


The PN Subspecialty is now calling for Application for Exit Assessment which will be held on 19th October 2023 (Thursday).  The PN Subspecialty Trainees who are eligible and would like to sit for the Exit Assessment, please submit the application form, the required documents and the dissertations to by 24th August 2023 (Thursday).


Candidates who can complete their PN training within 12 weeks after the exit examination are also eligible to apply. Please kindly find enclosed the Application Form, Summary of Training Record and Record Sheet of the PN Exit Assessment for your attention. The form can be downloaded from the College website → Subspecialties → PN →Announcements



Best regards,


Dr Eva Fung


PN Subspecialty Board


cc Dr Tsui Kwing Wan

Honorary Secretary

PN Subspecialty Board


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