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The Paediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) Course is specially structured for doctors, nurses and other health care professionals whose daily activities require proficiency in the knowledge and skills of PALS.  Since 2007, the PALS provider course has been extensively revised based on many clinical evidences.

Successful completion of the assessment fo the PALS course or its equivalent is mandatory for all applications for membership of the College.

Education Objectives

The course is conducted according to the PALS program jointly developed by the American Heart Association and American Academy of Pediatrics.  The goals of the PALS Course are to provide the participant with the information needed to recognize infants and children at risk of cardiopulmonary arrest; to acquire knowledge to resuscitate, and stabilize infants and children with severe trauma, shock, respiratory failure, or cardiopulmonary arrest.  In addition, skill stations will be used for teaching trainees to be more competent in basic life support, bag-valve-mask ventilation, intubation, gaining vascular access, and recognizing rhythm disturbances.  The PALS Provider Course is conducted over two days.

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Accreditation Committee 

Accreditation of postgraduate training for paediatricians in Hong Kong is underWu Shun Ping Photo the care of the College Accreditation Committee. Its terms of reference as stipulated in the Memorandum and Article of the College stated that "its functions shall be that of assessing the suitability of the various units for training purpose and to advise the Council on the training in paediatrics and the development of paediatric subspecialties". It thus follows that duty of the Accreditation Committee includes policy advisory role to the College Council and accreditation of training institutions, training programmes, trainers and trainees on behalf of the College. 

Chairman: Dr Wu Shun Ping

Committee members

Announcements from the committee

Accreditation of Training 

Guidelines for both Training Institutions and Trainees (updated on 24 February 2015)

Document Package for Trainees

Document Package for Trainers / Supervisors

Application for Retrospective Accreditation of Training in Paediatrics

Application for Training Interruption

Re-accreditation visits 2017-2018





Diploma of Child Health (DCH) Examination

This is an examination for non-paediatricians who wish to demonstrate paediatric skills after a short period of paediatric training. The DCH Examination consists of a Written examination and a Clinical examination. Successful completion of both parts will lead to the award of two diplomas: DCH (International) and DCH (HK).  


New Format of DCH Clinical Examination launched by the RCPCH from April 2011 in the UK

(The Examination Committee adopted the same new format for the DCH Clinical Examination in HK from October 2011)


Recent Announcements of DCH Examination




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New Announcements

Recording - Sharing of MRCPCH...


Recording - Sharing of MRCPCH...

 Please also find the PowerPoint slide in this link. 

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College Newsletter - Apr 2021


College Newsletter - Apr 2021

To all Fellows, Members and Associates,  Please find the latest College...

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